Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Museum of Family History in Bialystok, Poland

This past September 4th, the Museum of Family History made its presence known at the Białostocki Ośrodek Kultury (Bialystok Cultural Center). A Polish language version of its online exhibition, "Max Weber: Reflections of Jewish Memory in Modern American Art," was presented as part of a larger exhibition honoring Jewish artists who once lived in Bialystok as Weber did as a child.

The Polish version of the Museum's Weber exhibition was presented during the Bialystok Cultural Center's opening ceremony for their own larger Weber exhibition. Each page of the Weber exhibition was shown on a large screen by means of a projector, and after the presentation, the attendees were provided with the Internet address of the Museum's Weber exhibition so that everybody could read about Max Weber in the privacy of their own home. More was said about the artist by presenter Joanna Tomalska, who emphasized his significance for the city of Bialystok, the city in which he was born. Ms. Tomalska also presented Max Weber's artistic works from the viewpoint of the art historian.

More on this exhibition will be presented at the Museum of Family History at some time in the future, perhaps including audio (in Polish) and perhaps a video clip or two of the presentation.

The English version of the Museum of Family History's Max Weber exhibition can be found at .
Here are two links to articles (in Polish) about the Bialystok Cultural Center's Weber exhibition:

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