Friday, July 23, 2010

Need a Cemetery Map?

The Museum of Family History's Cemetery Project contains much of interest to the Jewish genealogist. Information on more than 130,000 burials in the New York metro area, a directory of cemeteries, an exhibition of society gates, the inner workings of a typical Jewish cemetery, and dozens of photographs of cemetery maps.

These cemetery maps are not of individual society plots, but of the maps that you pick up when you visit the cemetery office, that allow you to know where your family member is buried and how to find it. Most of the maps provided are of New York and New Jersey cemeteries, but you will also find maps of Jewish cemeteries in the states of California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland, Illinois and Ohio, not to mention the provinces of Quebec and Mannitoba in Canada.

The latest maps to be added are from Massachusetts, i.e. from Sharon Memorial Park in Sharon, and from Los Angeles, i.e. Hillside Cemetery. It is hoped that more such maps will be added in the future, though this will mostly depend on people like yourself who can obtain such maps, scan them and e-mail them to the Museum. Please mail these maps to Ideally, they should be unmarked.
You can find the maps of the New York and New Jersey cemeteries, as well as links to maps of Jewish cemeteries in other states and Canada, by clicking here.

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