Friday, June 18, 2010

The Jewish New Synagogue of Harbin, China

You can now view a number of photographs of the Jewish New Synagogue of Harbin, China. It used to be the largest synagogue in Northeast China, but it hasn't be used as such since the Jews left Harbin in the 1950s. Built in 1921, it served as both a synagogue and library and has within the past number of years been renovated. Harbin used to have the largest Jewish population in the Far East.

The Harbin photos can be found at

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  1. Hello,

    In September, 2012, I visited Harbin for a few days. The real highlight of my trip was to visit the "New Synagogiue" (the museum). I had always wanted to visit thie museum when I had read about it a few years ago and had done some on-line research.

    As a professional photographer, I took many photos of the museum and Central Street and put them together in a slideshow presentation with music show at the Chabad Shul in Columbia, Maryland where I daven. I uploaded the presentation to my Photoshop web site. The web site address is "", then click on "Slideshow" to view the presentation. Please feel free to see the presentation. (Please note that this is for personal viewing and enjoyment only as I have not requested permission to use the music.)

    Also, there is a picture in the museum that must be turned. On the second floor, over the right shoulder of the statue of a man sitting at a desk typing, is a drawing of Moshe holding the 2 tablets and looking down. The drawing must be turned 90 degrees clockwise - Moshe should be looking up. You can see what I'm refering to in the slideshow.

    Thank you very much.

    Jeff Greenfield,