Sunday, June 6, 2010

Master List for Lodz Ghetto Cemetery Now Online

For those of you who are interested in learning about those who are interred within the Lodz Ghetto Cemetery, you can now view the current master list online within the Museum of Family History.

Because of the large size of the database--there are more than 3,400 burials to date--the data had to be spread over four webpages, the burial lists organized alphabetically by the first letter of the deceased's surname.

The fields include:

Plot Location (section and grave number)
Surname (English)
Surname (Hebrew letters)
Given Name (English)
Date of Death (English)
Date of Death (Hebrew)
Age at Death
Hebrew Given Name(s) (English)
Given Name(s) (Hebrew letters)
Father's Name (English)
Father's Name (Hebrew letters)
Other Surnames

You can begin your lookups by visiting .

It is important to note that even though the list is divided among four webpages, it might take a minute or so (or not) to download each page. Also, because of the many fields and columns, you will no doubt have to scroll across the webpage to glean all the information for any particular burial.

There are many more burials in the Lodz Jewish Ghetto Cemetery and hopefully by sometime in 2011, more work will be done by those involved in this project to get more burial data online.

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