Monday, August 10, 2009

Brooklyn High School One-Step Searchable Databases Now Available

For those of you whose family settled in Brooklyn, New York, the Museum of Family History offers you a searchable database of nearly 46,000 graduates of Brooklyn’s Thomas Jefferson High School, covering the years between 1927 and 1987. More will become available as the Museum acquires more yearbooks to scan.

You can either search for an individual photograph of a graduate, or you can simply browse any particular yearbook from cover to cover. Many of these yearbooks also include the home address of each Senior; this can be a useful piece of genealogical information, especially when used in conjunction with a city or federal census report.

If , for instance, you know an ancestor of yours settled in the New York City area or Brooklyn but don’t know where--and you can’t find them on a Census report--why not conduct a search using the Museum's database? Steve Morse also has a similar database for Samuel J. Tilden High School also in Brooklyn--in East Flatbush. Between the Jefferson and Tilden databases, there are nearly 90,000 Seniors listed on the combined databases.

Remember that Federal Census reports came out every ten years, but two classes graduated from Jefferson and Tilden most every year--in January and June--so the addresses might help locate some previously unknown family addresses.

Thomas Jefferson High School: .

Samuel J. Tilden High School: .

If any readers of this blog possess any yearbooks not currently featured on either the Jefferson or Tilden database, please contact the museum at .

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