Monday, August 10, 2009

Coming Soon: "Jews in Small Towns: Legends and Legacies"

Just a note on a future exhibition that should be ready for viewing online by the first week in September. It is entitled "Jews in Small Towns: Legends and Legacies."

In 1997, Dr. Howard V. Epstein, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker from Georgia published a book of short stories or histories written by Jews who lived in small towns throughout the United States and Canada. They are all very enlightening and interesting.

The book itself is a collection of 140 personal experiences. Dr. Epstein discovered that such personal accounts couldn't be found in sociological literature, so he decided to create this project.

These accounts represent Jewish lives in twenty-six states and three Canadian provinces. Each participant was asked to write his or her own story and submit it to Dr. Epstein. At least one story per state or province will be represented in this exhibition, so there should be plenty of good stories for you to read.

When the exhibition has been readied and uploaded to the Internet, an announcement will be made on the Museum's blog.

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