Friday, August 7, 2009

The Museum's ERC presents "Kiddish Yiddish: Jewish Traditions & Culture in Rhyme"

Those who appreciate the value of family history and Jewish traditions must always look for new ways to interest our children and grandchildren in these subjects. With permission of the author Barbara Feltquate, The MFH has put online a PowerPoint presentation of her book "Kiddish Yiddish: Jewish Traditions & Culture in Rhyme." Barbara's book contains a series of more than two dozen illustrations and rhymes that can be used not only to read to a child, but also to bring up a story or two about your own past, e.g. during a family gathering at a Passover seder, etc.
The MFH also supplies you with a link to a free PowerPoint Viewer download, just in case you need it.

The Museum's ERC, i.e. Education and Research Center, strives to provide not only educational materials such as the aforementioned book, but wishes to provide those who have an interest in family genealogy the tools and resources they need.

The link to "Kiddish Yiddish" is

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