Monday, February 15, 2010

Material Needed: Jews in the Spanish Civil War

The Museum of Family History is constructing a small, online exhibition about the Spanish Civil War (which occurred between July 1936 and April 1939), especially how it affected the Jewish population both there and abroad, both as participants, e.g. soldiers/volunteers, or as civilians, and how in its aftermath created refugees, some of whom might have who immigrated to such countries as France and elsewhere.

The Museum would very much like to include personal stories from those who lived through this conflict, as well as a third person accounting of Jewish life in Spain and other locations during this period who were involved in this civil war. Perhaps you had family, e.g. from the U.S. or elsewhere, who volunteered to fight in this war, or who lived in a Spanish territory during this time.

If you lived through this period and have a story to tell (or have stories written or recorded as told to you or others from a family member or friend), or if you have photographs, family or otherwise, taken in these countries, etc., and would like to participate in this online exhibition, please contact the Museum directly at .

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