Thursday, February 4, 2010

New for Poland Researchers

For those of you with an interest in the Polish towns of Augustow and Wizna, please visit the two pages I've created for these towns.

On the Augustow page you will find two calendars published by the Yagustower Progressive Association (W.C. Branch no. 77 from 1919 and 1925).
link: .

On the Wizna page you will find an image of a pin created by the society for its members. You'll also see the photos of the gates of the society's burial plots in New York and New Jersey with a link to the unique surnames list for Wizna for all New York and New Jersey Wizna society burials. .

Don't forget that the Museum has a page that lists the towns in Poland that are associated with the many online exhibitions at the Museum. Link: .
Also for the area of Bialystok
There is also a Lithuania page at .

Other recent additions mentioned in previous blog posts:

The Lodz Ghetto Cemetery Burial List: .

From Kishinev to Bialystok: A Table of Pogroms From 1903-1906: .

Instructions Imprinted on Letter Cards sent from Concentration Camps: .

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