Monday, February 1, 2010

Within the 'Pale' of Jewish Russia, cir 1910; More for Ukraine Researchers

The Museum of Family History now has for you a 1910 newspaper article from the Herald-Republican of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Entitled "Within the 'Pale' of Jewish Russia" and written by B.T. Marshall, this article should be interesting to Ukraine researchers for a number of reasons.

First, the author of the article talks about the Jews of Kiev (spelled 'Kief' in this article), and how, despite the persecution and atrocities committed against them in the past, showed much resilience to that point and "now control the best shops, factories, theatres, etc..."

Secondly, the author talks about the Jews of Odessa; this includes an "interesting" quote from a non-Russian Jew there.

The author also describes what he believes to be the cause of the pogroms and describes Jewish life in the Pale, in the military, etc.

Thirdly, this article talks about the overall state of Russian Jewry in the Pale of Settlement during this time period. It should be an interesting read for you.

This article is one of more than one hundred articles in the Museum's Newspaper Archive which can be found at The article itself can be found directly at

More for Ukraine researchers:
The listing of much of the Museum's material of interest to Ukraine researchers can be found at

And don't forget the Duma Report and listing of pogroms (1903-6), many of which occurred in what is today's Ukraine. This can be found at

Unique surnames for burials in New York associated with society plots for nine Ukrainian towns. Learn the town names by visiting the Recent Updates page at

Lastly, you can see and hear a minute audio clip of a few dozen Jewish children in Mukacheve, Ukraine (Munkacs, Hungary) sing "Hatikvah." The link is The last day that this clip will be available at the Museum is February 6, so see it before it goes offsite.

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