Friday, March 5, 2010

Al Jolson Film Festival: "Show Business at War"

During the Second World War, many in show business did what they could to support the troops and the cause.

On May 21, 1943, a short film titled "Show Business at War" was released. It was part of an effort put forth my various studios to show the newsreel audience the progress of the Hollywood war effort.

Many Hollywood stars appear in this newsreel, one of whom is Al Jolson, who is seen and heard singing "Mammy" to the troops. Many others in show business appear in this film.

You can see the short film by clicking here.

Don't forget to visit the Museum's large Al Jolson exhibition titled "The Immortal Al Jolson" (and see and hear many more videos, not to mention more than forty sound clips) at .

This short film will be shown only at the Museum through March 21.

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