Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Report from the Liberated Lodz Ghetto

"Good morning, gentlemen, we are from the Ghetto here. There are only 878 of us left."

These are the words that were spoken by Dr. Albert Mazur, a nose and throat specialist who survived the Lodz Ghetto. He was interviewed by a news correspondent not long after the liberation of the Lodz Ghetto.

The Ghetto had been liberated on January 19, 1945 by the Soviet Army, and the article in which this quote appeared was published less than three weeks after the Ghetto's liberation. Mazur had been one of the dozen of the 160 Jewish physicians in Lodz who had survived. He gave a report to a correspondent about the horrible conditions in the Ghetto -- the disease, death and deportations that occurred there.

You can read this short article which will be a part of the Museum's future "Jewish Ghettos" exhibition which will be readied for later this year. The article can be found at .

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