Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nu for You at the Museum's Screening Room: "Four Seasons Lodge" (2008)

From the darkness of Hitler’s Europe to the lush mountains of New York’s Catskills, Four Seasons Lodge follows a community of Holocaust survivors who come together each summer at their beloved bungalow colony to dance, cook, fight, flirt ­ and celebrate their survival.

Beautifully photographed by a team of cinematographers led by Albert Maysles (Gimme Shelter, Grey Gardens) and Justin Schein (No Impact Man) this unexpectedly funny film confronts sobering topics like aging, loss and the legacy of the Holocaust, capturing the Lodgers’ intoxicating passion for life as the fate of their colony hangs in the balance.

In an inspiring and startling documentary, a remarkable tribe whose members are fast disappearing come together for one final summer in the Catskill Mountains - they’re Holocaust Survivors with a captivating joie de vivre and a bracing sense of humor.

Four Seasons Lodge is a counterintuitive film tied to the Holocaust, one that captures the Lodgers' intoxicating passion for living, in bracing contrast to lives harrowed by loss. The documentary is about tightly bonded friendships and the quest for peace in spite of haunting memories, as experienced through compelling people and the richness of their intensely close lives.

This vivid, inspiring, and unexpectedly funny portrait reveals the indomitable spirit of a singular community. “This is our revenge,” one camper explains. “To live this long, this well, is a victory.”
You can view the film preview at www.museumoffamilyhistory.com/sr-29-four-seasons-lodge.htm.

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