Friday, March 5, 2010

Compare and Contrast: Short Films of Kovno, Riga and Lwow from Before and During World War II

From World Jewish Communities: Kovno, Riga and Lwów... Three short films on view within the Museum's Film Series program through March 21.

How quickly a Jewish community can be upended, a city transformed from a 'peaceful' thriving 'metropolis' to one of destruction, occupation, imprisonment and death. Within this World Jewish Communities Film Series, you will have an opportunity to 'compare and contrast' life in the aforementioned cities cir 1939, i.e. shortly before the Second World War began, and life not long after these cities were invaded and occupied as the destruction of both people and property reigned.

Before World War II:

"Jewish Life in Kovno, Riga and Lwów" (9:42). This documentary was made in the early spring of 1939, just months before the start of the Second World War in Europe. Narration in Yiddish.
Click here.

During World War II:

"Lwów Lemberg 1941" (2: 38). This 1941 8 mm film depicts the Germans entering Lwów (Lemberg in German). You can see attacks against the Jews there, as well as provocative acts. Before the war Lwów was part of Poland, but was annexed by Russia on September 22, 1939. This time, the film short is narrated in German. From YouTube. Click here.

"German Troops in Riga" (8:29). World War II, German troops near Daugavpils (Dunaburg) moving to Riga (Latvia). Fights and the liberation of Riga. Communist war crimes, Nazi behavior to Latvian Jews, Nazi propaganda, Fights near Liepaja (Libau). Again the narration for this film short is in German. From YouTube. Click here.

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